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to I’m Reid and I’m a Florida native currently making my way through high school. When I’m not studying or practicing with my lacrosse team, I’m usually out fishing.



I’m always looking forward to Summer time -  I like to be out on my boat inshore fishing with my friends and I especially enjoy trolling, bottom fishing, and spearfishing with my dad. I run a 13 foot Boston Whaler with a 25 hp Yamaha. In the summer of 2014, I sanded off the old 1974 paint job and gave the Seagull a new look. It was tough but rewarding work!


My dad runs a 27 foot Everglades we call the Flying Fish and it’s aboard her that we target the big fish. We take the Flying Fish offshore any chance we get, and especially look forward to the trip to the Bahamas our family takes every year. We get so much great fishing done out there.

 Whether it’s a long run out to the Gulf Stream for some Wahoo, or a short trip out for some cobia, offshore fishing has always been a passion of mine.


During the winter months, when seas are too rough to be out on the water, you’ll find me in a deer stand or hidden in a duck blind. We’ve got hunting property up in Folkston, Georgia and we go up there as often as we can to hunt deer, hogs, and wood ducks.




Anyhow, enough about me. I thank you for visiting I’m confident that I’ve got some of the most effective and affordable trolling lures you’ll find any place. We’ve sold to fishermen all over the world and one thing’s in common in all of the stories we hear back from them: These lures work!


We’ve tested each and every lure to make sure it’s as fishy as possible and that your hard earned gas money isn’t burned in vain. If you’ve got questions, feel free to ask. I’m happy to help in any way that I can.


Thanks again for visiting and tight lines!




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