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Dolphin Bullet Junior

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Lure weight: 1.5 oz
Lure length: 6.5 - 8.5 in

Back in mini-size! The famed Dolphin Bullet's brought in it's fiesty littler brother, Dolphin Bullet Jr!  With the same offset head, weighted chrome head and irresistible swimming action, the Dolphin Bullet Jr will take your trolling to new heights! The shorter length allows for a smaller profile in the water, exposing more of your ballyhoo and the hook point.  Finicky pelagics can't resist the bite-sized proportions of these offshore gems and the proof will be in the fishbox soon after you start towing these around.  Like it's bigger brother, the Dolphin Bullet, the Jr will attract all types of pelagic game fish including Wahoo, Dorado, Sailfish, Marlin and more.  The Dolphin Bullet Jr is best rigged over wire or mono rigged with ballyhoo, trolled at 6-10 knots on a flat line, planer or down rigger where the Dolphin Bullet Jr swims just beneath the surface with its signature slight side to side wobble.

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1010 Dolphin Bullet Junior
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1010 Dolphin Bullet Junior
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