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Dolphin Popper

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Lure weight: 1.8 oz
Lure length: 9 in

The Dolphin popper is an excellent lure for Sailfish, Dolphin, or any fish that feeds on the surface.

This 1.8 ounce lure has a core constructed of strong light weight ABS plastic, with an outer shell of chrome plated solid brass.  The core is designed with a deep center cavity to hold the bill of a ballyhoo and protect the bait from premature washout.  Trolled from a flat line or outrigger, its broad scalloped face causes the bait to dig into the face of each wave, then skip along the surface throwing a spray that mimics a flying fish and drives game fish crazy.

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1003 Dolphin Popper 9 in
MSRP: $21.95 price: $9.95
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1003 Dolphin Popper 9 in
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