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Strike Ring

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Lure weight: 4.6 oz
Lure length: 9 in

The Strike Ring is a heavy 4.6 ounce tolling skirt designed to troll over a ballyhoo or alone with just a hook.  The unique 3-piece head design consists of a semi-blunt nose piece with 4 water intake ports.  Water from the intake ports is vented at trolling speeds through 2 side ports in such a way that the water pressure is lowered enough to cause cavitation, leaving a highly visible bubble trail that attracts striking fish from far below.  In salt water, the unplated center "Strike Ring" creates a minute electrical current between the dissimilar metals of the adjacent pieces, thought to mimic the nerve impulses of a panicked baitfish.  Lethal against Wahoo, Dolphin, Tuna, Marlin or any aggressive feeder.  Best run on a flat line or downrigger, the Strike Ring skirt will keep the baits well below the surface at trolling speeds in all but the roughest waters.  Recommended tolling speed 6-8 knots. 

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1005 Strike Ring 9 in
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1005 Strike Ring 9 in
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